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Triggerpoint Foam Rollers & Massage

Triggerpoint specializes in reducing long-term pains in the entire body. Pain is often caused by so-called "triggerpoints", a sort of knots in a muscle strand. Surprisingly many types of pain are caused by these knots, which leads to discomfort. The foam rollers and massage products of Triggerpoint can help relieve the pain quickly and effectively. By placing pressure with a Triggerpoint foam roller or massage stick on exactly the right place, meaning directly on the muscle knot, it is loosened en the pain will be reduced. Triggerpoint products are very suitable for physical therapy and rehabilitation, but are also often used by top athletes who want to take good care of their bodies.

Foam Rollers

The foam rollers Triggerpoint makes are very popular as a warming-up before working out, because they help relax the muscles and loosen muscle knots. We sell foam rollers in different shapes, stiffnesses and colours, so you can always find the foam roller that suits you best!


Besides the foam rollers, Triggerpoint has more to offer in the field of massage. For example, they also make massage sticks, balls and performance kits. The massage sticks are made to use standing up or sitting down and relieve pain. The massage balls are made to treat those hard to reach places.