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Shimano Cycling & Fishing

Shimano is a japanese metal processing company that specializes in developping, producing en selling cycling, fishing and rowing parts. Shimano's CEO says that they keep helping people realise their dreams by creating a new lifestyle that focuses on getting close to nature. The brand focuses on designing products that help people enjoy nature.

Shimano Cycling

Because of the rising global demand for environmental preservation, cycling is getting more and more popular as a way of transport. Shimano is dedicated to supplying high quality and performance bicycle parts, both for professional and everyday cyclists. While laying the foundation for a new bike design, Shimano's people try to imagine a cyclist that slows down to enjoy the singing birds and the fresh air. They produce easy to use, durable bike parts with fresh designs by staying ahead of their imagination.

Shimano Fishing

Shimano used to improve their fishing rods by applying the newest techniques. But this method seemed to miss out on what fishermen really wanted. So instead of looking at the newest techniques, Shimano now looks for ways to improve the joy of fishing and uses that to make better rods. This way of thinking has enabled Shimano to create products that appeals to all kinds of fishermen and not only helps them catch fish, but also increases the pleasure of the moment.