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Oakley Sports Glasses & Backpacks

Oakley was founded in 1975 by James Jannard, from his garage. Over the course of the years Oakley has grown to a globally renowned sports brand. This American company develops, makes and sells products for a sporty lifestyle, like sunglasses, sports glasses, snow goggles, watches, clothing, backpacks, shoes and other sporty accessories.

Oakley Sports Glasses

Oakley is known worldwide for its sports glasses that are suitable for many sports. The high quality of the frame and lenses makes Oakley one of the largest players in the field of sports glasses. These glasses have a sleek and unique design and are available in different, amazing colours. Because of the huge range both men and women, old and young can find what they need with Oakley.

Oakley Backpacks

Oakley's backpacks have a sleek, unique and sporty design. They're designed to accompany you in the modern life. For example, most Oakley backpacks have a laptop compartment and various smaller storage solutions for other gadgets. Oakley backpacks come in different models, sizes and colours.