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Garmin navigation and watches

Garmin is a company that produces navigation and watches. The company began producing navigation for cars and airplanes. At a later stage, Garmin also made navigation for cyclists and walkers. Garmin is one of the biggest manufacturers in the field of GPS devices. The headquarters is located in Kansas. Nowadays, the company produces for both consumers as businesses.


Garmin navigation is a must-have for cyclists, walkers and hikers. With the handheld navigation you always find your way. This type of navigation was first produced for the army that used it during the Gulf war in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Nowadays the handheld navigation is extremely popular with consumers. Models that you can order online at Athleteshop are Edge, Oregon, Etrex and Approach. Besides your navigation, you can also order maps for different countries such as Spain, France, Great Britain, Holland and Germany.

Sport watches

Garmin sport watches are multifunctional. In addition to reading the time and measuring your exercise time, Garmin sport watches are also very suitable for measuring distance, heart rate, speed and the amount of steps you set. The sport watches are mostly used during running, cycling, golf, swimming and outdoor activities. There are also several models that include a GPS receiver, which allows you to navigate using your watch. This could come in handy for survival activities or hiking tours. All Garmin watches can be connected to a computer, tablet or smartphone so you can keep your activities up to date.

Activity Trackers 

We are talking about a new sort of device. The activity trackers are smart devices that can measure how many steps you set with the help of several sensors. This way, the device can calculate how many calories you have burned. But that’s not all that a activity tracker can record. This smart device can also measure swimming- and cycling activities. All Garmin Activity trackers can be connected to a computer, tablet or smartphone so you are always able to see your activity details and performance.

Garmin activity trackers are of excellent quality and very affordable. They are available in multiple sizes, colours and models. Popular models are the Vivosmart, Vivofit and Vivofit 2.