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Longfield Shuffleboard competition

This product is temporarily sold out

 Hout, inclusief 30 schijven. 200 x 41 x 7,5cm.

SKU AS108742
Barcode 8716096003185
Brand Longfield
Weight (kg) 1

Customer Reviews

    • LucyRWatson
    • Great price and great bargain if willing to add a little to the quality at home

    • By rating
    • August 17, 2017
    • Pros

      • Price
      • Speed of delivery


      • Middle bit of 3-4 slot broken
      • Quality reflects the price but with some oil/varnish it comes up a treat
      For the price and speed of delivery this product is worth buying alone.
      We had bought one previously and knew we would need to put the same additions/effort into making the quality a bit better e.g. The middle piece of wood between the 3-4 slots was broken so needed to be fixed by using another nail. Similarly we sanded down some of the wood edges due to some splintered wood and rough surfaces and then varnished the outside and oiled the actual board to make the discs slide slightly easier.
      However, this did not take long and we gave the finished product to our friends for a wedding present as they loved ours so much!
    • Gamesup
    • Shuffleboard

    • By rating
    • June 15, 2017
    • Pros

      • Great price.
      • Very quick delivery.
      • Best quality played on.


      • N/A
      • N/A
      • N/A
      This product is superb. A very reasonable price and the quality is much better than expected. This was purchased to be used for an afternoon of games and the children (and adults) absolutely loved it. 5 ***** 's from me.
    • Wja
    • For beginners.

    • By rating
    • January 9, 2017
    • Pros

      • Good quality
      • Good price
      • Excellent family entertainment for young and old


      • Pucks could glide better
      This is an excellent sjoelbak for beginners. The pucks don't move as well as they could but with a little extra lacquer/paint/potato flour lots can be achieved. The kids love it! A first-class sjoelbak requires double the investment, but this one is also a good quality product. We recommend it.