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Medisana BBS Whirlpool Mat

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  • Relaxing bubble bath for stimulating blood flow and relaxing the muscles
  • Automatic heat function
  • Optional intense heat function
  • Massage bubble function with 4 intensity levels
  • Intensity levels adjustable on the device itself or with remote control
  • Timer function: 10/20/30 minutes
  • Soft anti slip mat for optimal comfort
  • Suitable for every bath tub
  • Integrated aroma unit for your own favorite fragrant oils
  • Especially quiet
  • Double safety valve in device and hose
  • Dimensions: mat approx. 120 x 36 cm / hose approx. 2,4 m / Motor unit: approx. 31 x 21 x 31 cm
  • Weight: approx. 4,3 kg
  • Power: 570 watt
  • Power supply: 220 – 240 V/50 Hz
Barcode 4015588883866
Brand Medisana

Additional Information

Wonderful for cold days, or just to relax at home. The MBH bubble bath mat fits in any bathtub and behaves like a whirlpool. This mat gives you a powerful, intense massage for the entire body. This provides a better blood circulation in the whole body. Toxins and other harmful substances will be removed from the body and this will lead to new power and heat for the body and the body's cells. Using the remote control, you can easily install your massager and change the intensity. There is also an aroma dispenser integrated into the airhose, which can be used for aromatherapy. This bubble bath mat is a requirement for the general care and welfare of the whole body.

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Customer Reviews

    • Lushhman
    • Excellent product, especially for T2 Diabetic

    • By rating
    • December 16, 2017
    • Pros

      • Good strength bubbles
      • Aromatherapy with any oils


      • Removal of bath mat after use
      This is a great product. I will compare it to my inflatable hot tub and can say that it is overall much better due to cost of running and performance of bubbles.
      After a long and hot session, I get itchy (which is good). It’s not all over and it isn’t uncomfortable; it’s reassuring that I know my intention is to encourage blood flow and this machine achieves that.
      If I use this at night, I pour Lavender oil onto the aromatherapy pod before use. Once in bed, I am out like a light. If I want to use this when having a normal bath, I add the cheap scented bath salts you can buy from the supermarket as these interfere with foaming if using shampoo as well. I feel like I am getting a better bath from using this machine, although it wasn’t the reason I purchased it.
      I am T2 diabetic and this machine really supercharges my circulation. I read up on the benefits of “spas” for diabetes and it formed the basis for my hot tub purchase. However, refreshing 1000L of water monthly, heating the water daily and using MORE electricity when using it, became a £1000 bill on top of my normal service bills year on year; this product became the answer to my financial dilemma.
      The one and only criticism I need to make is that the suction cups on the bath mat need a tab for removal. I very nearly pulled the mat up like you would do a normal bath mat for showering, but this felt wrong so I aborted in fear that this would’ve ripped. Instead, I have to get my finger nail under each sucker and easy it off - a little stressful when there’s about 20 of them. Almost makes you need another session lol.
      Overall - worth every penny!!

    • Blizz
    • Not bad

    • By rating
    • July 28, 2017
    • Pros

      • Lots of control buttons
      • Well made


      • Bath mats too saggy
      • Highest level not strong
      Well made unit, Every settings in place,but hi level fees like medium level not intense enough